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Brake Products

Brake Products

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Automotive braking — it’s a system full of parts never meant to last forever. However, the parts in the system are the most important for the safety of you and your passengers. Replacement of brake components should be taken seriously as this is no place to try and cut corners. While we carry a variety of components for your braking system at Phoenix Friction, all are made to these standards:

  1. They Must be Reliable — Extensive design and ongoing testing ensures that every product will operate as promised.
  2. Parts Have to be Durable - Even under the most extreme use, we offer braking components that can stand up to your driving habits.
  3. They Have to Be “Good” - Of course operation and performance are priority, but we believe that braking components also need to be low noise, low dust, and long lasting as well.

Over the many years Phoenix Friction has been offering brake parts in the automotive industry, we’ve worked with some of the toughest projects and applications you could image. This includes industrial applications, fleet vehicles, and even police vehicles — we use those same engineering basics and designs in our all of our braking components.

Shop now for superior quality brake pads, rotors, drums, shoes, and hardware from stock replacement parts, to ultra performance upgrades. Once you install brake parts from Phoenix Friction, you’ll never want to shop anywhere else again!



BS 683 Severe Duty Brake Shoes: 12.6 in. x 2.95 in.
MSRP: $58.19
Price: $43.69
Sale Price: $41.49
In Stock
BS 684 Severe Duty Brake Shoes: 12.6 in. x 4.32 in.
MSRP: $184.69
Price: $108.69
Sale Price: $103.19
In Stock
BS 685 Severe Duty Brake Shoes: 12.6 in. x 4.91 in.
MSRP: $130.79
Price: $98.29
Sale Price: $93.39
In Stock
D1062 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pad Set - Hino 145 165 185 Truck
MSRP: $146.65
Price: $110.29
Sale Price: $104.75
In Stock
D1335 Severe Duty Disc Brake Pads: Front and Rear - Dodge Pickup, Sterling
MSRP: $191.13
Price: $129.29
Sale Price: $122.87
In Stock
D149  Heavy Duty High Heat Extended Life Disc Brake Pad Set - Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge. Pickups, Vans
MSRP: $73.86
Price: $55.49
Sale Price: $31.66
In Stock