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Informational Bulletins:

Dual Mass Flywheels-Product Information
Dodge Ram Diesel Pickup: Hydraulic Release System Testing
IB001: 10 Steps to a Trouble Free Clutch Installation

Technical Bulletins:

TB001: Critical Clutch Disc to Flywheel Match
TB002: Avoid Release Problems on Jeep CJ
TB003: Taurus SHO Clutch and Flywheel Match
TB004: Ford Aluminum Bearing Retainer Wear
TB005: Chevrolet GMC Light Truck Disc Failures
TB006: Jeep Release Bearing Fork Match is Critical
TB007: VW Clutch Kit Installations
TB008: Squeaking
TB009: Hard Pedal Destroyed Clutch
TB010; Cover Flywheel Orientation
TB011: Installation of Release Bearing and Sleeve
TB012: 12" Clutch Upgrade
TB013: Avoid Engine Sensor Damage
TB014: Chatter in First or Reverse Gear
TB015: Clutch Chatter caused by Improper Driveshaft Angle
TB016: No Release
TB017 Hard Pedal
TB018: Growling Noise from Clutch
TB019: Low Clutch Engagement
TB020: Premature Clutch Wear
TB021: Clutch Slippage
TB022: Hard Shifting
TB023: Clutch Squeals When Cold
TB024: Dodge Ram 5.9L Cummins Turbo Diesel
TB025: Internal Slave Cylinders
TB026: Updated One Piece Bearing Design
TB027: Multiple Bolt Hole Covers
TB028: Saab Installation Tool CT 1008
TB029: Repair for Worn Bearing Retainer
TB030: No Release
TB031: No Release - Use Upgraded Hydraulics
TB032: Failed Pedal Return Spring
TB033: Eliminate Hard Pedal Release Problems
TB034: Attaching Release Bearing Fork Correctly
TB035: Diagnosing Slipping and Chatter
TB036: Transferring Flywheel Balance Weights
TB037: Converting to Solid Flywheel
TB038: Release Bearing Installation Procedures
TB039: Release Bearing Installation Procedures
TB040: Release Bearing Installation Procedures
TB041: Disc Contact with Diaphragm Spring
TB042: Special Installation Procedures
TB043: Converting to a Solid Flywheel
TB044: Installing Clutch Fork Correctly Dodge Cummins Pickups
TB045: Installing Clutch Interlock Switch Ford Pickups
TB046: Poor release, hard or soft pedal Dodge Challenger
TB047: Updated Concentric Cylinder Design Features
TB048: Disc Orientation on Corvette Solid Flywheel Kits