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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Dodge Ram 5.9L
Cummins Turbo-Diesel

Clutch Kits Affected: 05-053, 05-073


This bulletin discusses the three clutch and disc assembly combinations you may encounter during the installation of kits 05-053 and 05-073. PFP recommends using the higher torque 05-073 in all applications which are subject to heavy use.

Original equipment for model years 1988-93 was a 13” cast iron cover and disc combination. Dodge no longer uses this combination. Kit # 05-053 is a direct replacement for this design. Kit # 05-073 is an optional upgrade for these model years which offers higher torque capacity. The 05-073 kit includes clutch mounting bolts which must be used for the upgrade. The raised portion on the outer edge of the flywheel will not interfere with the retrofit, however it may be machined to the level of the friction surface.

Since 1993, all dealer serviced 1988-93 vehicles use the 13” cast iron cover with the 12¼” disc. If this combination is found, PFP suggests upgrading to the 05-073 kit. Beginning with the 1994 model year, Dodge supplies the 12¼” clutch and disc as original equipment. This is the 05-073 kit.