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Who We Are

In business for over three decades, Phoenix Friction Products is a trusted clutch and brake supplier. Our greatest strength is the unique knowledge and expertise of our team and our experience.

For most of our company's life, our focus has been on commercial truck and brake products. We've worked with large corporations like UPS, WonderBread, FedEx, Interstate Brands, and others to provide heavy-duty clutch and brake products. We've also worked with specialty manufacturers to provide custom clutch and brake systems, with one of our more famous projects being the clutch kit for the Shelby Series 1.

Phoenix Friction developed the clutch for the Shelby Series 1
Phoenix Friction developed the production clutch system for the Shelby Series 1. Click the image to learn more.

In 2006, Phoenix Friction began to offer products to both business and the general public. Since that time, we have distinguished ourselves by offering a wide range of clutch kits and flywheel conversion kits for Dodge / Ram diesel trucks, Ford Super Duty trucks, and Chevy / GMC HD trucks, as well as a huge range of clutch kits and flywheel conversion kits for high performance vehicles.

As our business has changed and grown, our mission has always been the same: Produce high quality, commercial grade clutch and brake components at the best price possible.

Our Commercial/Fleet Expertise

As mentioned, Phoenix Friction brand clutch and brake products have been used by major corporations across North America. While our products are known for durability and value, we've also been called upon by our commercial clients to address fundamental problems with clutch design. UPS, for example, asked us to develop a new clutch system that would solve a series of problems they were facing:

  • Delivery trucks that were requiring a new clutch every 11 months
  • Delivery trucks that required at least an annual hydraulic system repair or replacement
  • Delivery trucks with a 100lbs clutch pedal effort, meaning that 100lbs of force was required to operate the clutch, something that drivers were doing hundreds of times a day

We tackled these problems and essentially redesigned the clutch system in hundreds of UPS trucks, which you can read all about here.

On the brake side of the business, we've developed a line of heavy-duty brake pads that are ideal for use on commercial vehicles and vehicles that see extreme duty. This line of pads has been used on everything from medium duty commercial trucks to police vehicles.

But we can summarize our commercial experience in simple terms: We know what it takes to build a clutch or brake pad that stands up to severe duty.

Proven Performance

Each clutch kit and brake pad kit we offer is a proven performer. Here's what that means:

  1. Every kit is designed for a specific vehicle and application - there's no such thing as a "universal" fitment.
  2. The specification process begins with an engineering assessment and independent lab testing of the friction material.
  3. We don't use any friction material until we have a detailed lab report specifying various friction coefficients, wear ratings, and more. That's why our Stage 2 clutch kits and Stage 5 kits, for example will use dramatically different friction materials.
  4. Once we've completed the design phase, we test the kit. We utilize both bench and vehicle testing to ensure performance.

When we put the Phoenix Friction name on a clutch kit or brake pad, you can rest assured that no shortcuts have been taken. No product is sold until we're 100% confident in its ability to perform well at the specified rating. We follow this process because it's gotten us very far...none of our commercial customers would renew their contracts with us if we didn't provide parts that didn't live up to their expectations.

We Are The Friction Experts!

Phoenix Friction can create clutches kits for one-of-a-kind applications depending on component availability. We offer clutch kits for everything from construction cranes to Ferraris, and our clients use their vehicles all over the world - from construction sites to oil fields to race tracks to sled pulls!

We began in this industry as problem solvers who have attacked many issues and flaws left behind by other manufacturers. We've thrived because we only sell proven, high quality parts.