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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Hard Pedal/Destroyed Clutch

Clutch Kit Affected: 04-088


  If the clutch removed from a 1987-89 GM A-, J-, or L-body car is destroyed or shows signs of heavy galling or scoring between the release bearing and bearing retainer, the problem is most likely caused by the bearing retainer.

  These vehicles were originally equipped with a metal-lined release bearing which can cause heavy galling and scoring at the contact surface of the aluminum bearing retainer. In extreme cases, the bearing retainer breaks off the transmission housing, causing the release bearing to contact the diaphragm fingers at the wrong angle and destroy the clutch.

  Symptoms of this problem include high pedal and gear shift effort, and sometimes no release. Inspect the bearing retainer, and ensure the release bearing moves smoothly on it. When installing a new bearing retainer (GM Part # 8672128), make sure it is installed at a right angle to the transmission. Any misalignment will cause the same problems.