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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Hard Shifting

Clutch Kit Affected: 06-006


For Nissan Pickups with a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine built from November 1985 through December 1995

Release problems have been caused by the disc binding on the input shaft. Ensure the disc moves freely on the input shaft and the splines are free of galling or scoring. Inspect the slave cylinder for a minimum of 12-14 mm (0.470 – 0.550”) travel. Replace hydraulic components to restore proper travel at the slave and retest the clutch. Master cylinder part # CMC254. Slave cylinder part #: 2WD = CSC208; 4WD = CSC200.

If slave travel is correct but the problem persists, check the flywheel step dimension. If the flywheel is within Nissan’s specifications, replace the clutch set with kit # 06-006.

For additional information, refer to Nissan bulletin #NTB92-010.