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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Converting to Solid Flywheel

Parts Affected: DMF004, FW126,
04-131, 04-154, 04-163, 04-164


When converting to a solid flywheel, you must use the bolts supplied with the new flywheel. Torque the crankshaft bolts in a star pattern to 65 ft-lbs and the clutch bolts to 25 ft-lbs. 

The following is a GM recommendation but it is not normally performed when doing a solid flywheel conversion:

A prop-shaft damper can also be installed on all applications except 2WD 15,000 lbs. GVW trucks with a prop-shaft brake. The purpose of the damper is reduce vibration due to added engine inertia resulting from the use of a solid flywheel.

For the damper on 2WD trucks without a prop-shaft brake, use GM part # 15664906. On 4WD applications, use # 15635329. When installing, use thread locking compound on the nuts and torque to 325 ft-lbs.

Additional detailed installation instructions are available in the GM bulletin # 66-72-02B.