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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Transferring Flywheel Balance Weights from Old Flywheel to New Flywheel

Parts Affected: DMF005, DMF008,
04-113, 04-114, 04-142, 04-143 04-173


Corvettes manufactured from 1989 to 1996 are equipped with a dual mass flywheel, which cannot be resurfaced and must be replaced. From 1997 on, the flywheel is the conventional solid type.

The driveline in these vehicles is unusually sensitive to vibrations. For this reason, the flywheels are designed for fine balancing by adding balance weights. Therefore, when replacing the flywheel, the factory balance must be maintained. To do this, remove the existing flywheel and place it beside the new one so both flywheels are in the same position relative to the crankshaft dowel. Remove the existing weight from the old flywheel and install them in the same position on the new flywheel.

Use Loctite 262 to prevent oil leakage and torque bolts to spec.

Flywheel Type

Dual Mass


Crankshaft bolts Pressure

74 ft-lb (100 Nm)

74 ft-lb (100 Nm)

Pressure Plate Bolts

30 ft-lb (41 Nm)

47 ft-lb (63 Nm)