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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Multiple Bolt Hole Covers

Clutch Kit Affected: 07-027


This kit contains a diaphragm clutch cover which replaces the original coil spring clutch. The original clutch had six bolt holes. This clutch has nine bolt holes because it is designed to be used on multiple applications with different bolt patterns and bolt sizes.

To install the new clutch, place it on the flywheel and rotate it until any six of the

mounting holes in the clutch align with the flywheel holes. Note that three of the holes in the cover are smaller than the rest. If your installation requires the smaller bolts to be used, then the bolts should be installed in these smaller holes first and hand-tightened. The differences in bolt hole sizes does not affect the performance of this clutch. Always use new lock washers and torque the mounting bolts to spec.