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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Volkswagen Clutch Kit Installations

Clutch Kits Affected: 05-010, 17-003, 17-004, 17-012, 17-027, 17-035, 17-038


After installation of a pull-type clutch with a release plate and wire ring, cycle the clutch prior to start up to ensure the circlip is fully seated under the tabs of the diaphragm spring.

On water-cooled engines with transverse mounted transmissions, a release bearing (Part # N3758) is fitted inside the transmission. The clutch release arm presses against the bearing to move a long rod passing through the transmission. The rod pushes the release plate to push the diaphragm fingers and disengage the clutch. The sheet metal cover is usually green in color and must be pried out to provide access to the release bearing. This usually results in the destruction of the cover which must be replaced (dealer item) to prevent transmission oil leaks. Also inspect the release rod for wear or bending, the release lever for cracks, and the release shaft for spline damage.