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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Release Bearing
Installation Procedures

Clutch Kits Affected: 04-153, 04-154, 04-155, 04-160, 04-164, 04-169, 04-171, 04-173, 04-181, 04-184, 04-192, 04-207


Two types of bearing assemblies are used in these applications. They are both interchangeable. The original equipment two-piece bearing is shown on the left hand side of the picture with the release bearing next to the red cap. This is the release bearing we supply in our clutch kits.

If you have the older one-piece style release bearing, call our tech department and they will arrange to send you that style. If you purchase a new Concentric Slave Cylinder at the same time as the clutch kit, we will make certain that the components match.

It is recommended that you replace an internally mounted concentric slave cylinder when you are doing a clutch job. If it starts to leak in the future it will ruin the friction surface on the clutch disc. The time and labor to replace it will be the same as the clutch replacment was.