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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Jeep Release Bearing/Fork Match is Critical

Clutch Kits Affected: 01-007, 01-015, 01-017, 01-030


Release bearing and fork combinations used on Jeep vehicles through 1979 are different from bearing/fork combinations after 1979. These parts are not interchangeable. Use of the wrong combination will result in chatter and hard pedal when the fork contacts the bearing retainer.

The bearing end of the fork used through 1979 had two small pin-type locators. These locators fit into holes drilled in the release plate under the clips. When installing the release bearing on this style fork, make sure the locators fit all the way inside the holes in the release bearing plate.

After 1979, the fork had no locator pins, instead the fork was centered by a release bearing collar that extended beyond the back of the bearing between the bearing retainer clips. When replacing a fork on the later style assembly, make sure the new fork is wide enough to pass freely over the centering collar which extends from the rear of the bearing.