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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Disc Contact with Diaphragm Spring

Clutch Kit Affected: 05-087


When assembling this pull style clutch kit, the pressure plate diaphragm spring fingers will come into contact with the clutch disc damper assembly. This is a normal condition. As the pressure plate bolts are tightened, the diaphragm spring fingers will lift up, and result in the proper clearance. It is extremely important that the pressure plate bolts be tightened in a star pattern (half a turn at a time) and only with hand tools. Torque specs for the pressure plate to flywheel bolts are 16 lbs.-ft.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT insert the release bearing into the pressure plate prior to installing the pressure plate.

Install the release bearing on the bearing quill/sleeve, and then on to the release bearing fork. Reinstall the transmission, and with the engine off, press the release bearing fork so the release bearing travels into the diaphragm spring retainer (this is the opposite direction the release system the fork would travel during normal release). A audible click is heard when the bearing locks into the diaphragm spring of the pressure plate.