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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Internal Slave Cylinders

Clutch Kits Affected: 01-033, 01-034,
01-035, 01-036,  01-037, 04-132,
04-136, 04-158, 04-161, 04-162

Slave Cylinders located inside the bell housing and require
special handling to guarantee proper operation.


Internal Clutch Slave Cylinders

1. Do not cut the plastic straps. They are designed to hold the hydraulic piston in place during installation.

2. Do not change the position of the release bearing. Moving the bearing from its position may result in damage to the seal and void the warranty.

3. Be careful not to drop the slave unit or bend the hydraulic lines. Inspect new slave cylinders for damage prior to installation. Inspect all protective grommets to make sure they are not damaged and they are properly installed. These grommets prevent damage from vibration.

4. Install the slave without grease. To prevent damage and leaks, do not clean with solvents.

5. Use the new pin and retaining nut in with the clutch kit. Do not reuse fasteners and avoid over-tightening the flare nut to prevent cracking of the housing.

6. Use only the manufacturers’ recommended brake fluid, in most cases DOT 3. Make sure the fluid is fresh.

7. For some Jeep applications, it may be necessary to remove the “quick disconnect” fittings from the hydraulic lines.