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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Squeaking

Clutch Kits Affected: 04-065, 04-067, 04-069, 04-087, 04-089,
04-105, 04-121, 04-122, 04-138

Insufficient lubrication between the fork and ball stud may be misdiagnosed as a release problem. Light pressure on the clutch pedal will silence the noise temporarily. Transmission removal and lubrication of the pivot ball-to-fork contact will eliminate the problem; however, to ease future lubrication, it is possible to install a grease fitting to permit lubrication without the need for transmission removal.

For 1984-93 S and T Series with a Borg-Warner 5 speed transmission (ML2, ML3, MW1) proceed as follows: Obtain a pre-drilled pivot ball, our part CRP151, and the matching clutch release fork, our part CF9836. Locate the raised boss on the outside of the bell housing that is directly in-line with the center of the pivot ball mounting hole. Drill a hole through the centerline of the boss into the pivot ball mounting hole, and tap the hole for installation of a 8" NPT grease fitting. Lubricate the pivot ball and reinstall the transmission, but install a pipe plug instead of a grease fitting. This will allow installation of a grease fitting in the event that additional lubrication is needed at a later date, but will prevent over-lubrication of the pivot stud during normal maintenance.

For additional information, refer to GM bulletin #16-73-01. For specific information on the procedure for 1994-95 C/K and S/T series, refer to GM bulletin #56-73-01.