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Phoenix Friction Technical Bulletin


Problem: Special Installation Procedures

Clutch Kits Affected: 03-040, 03-041, 03-042,
03-046, 03-047, 03-049


The pressure plates in the kits listed above are the self-adjusting type that require special precautions during installation to ensure the clutch will work correctly. There is a multi-finger retainer on the diaphragm spring that is installed at the factory. This retainer MUST NOT BE REMOVED until the pressure plate is installed and torqued to the flywheel. The small hex opening in this multi-fingered retainer prevents the use of normal disc alignment tools. There are special short alignment tools that are available from a BMW dealership, or as a separate tool purchase from Phoenix Friction Products.

1. Install the special alignment tool in the disc and the pilot bearing. Make sure to observe the “engine side/transmission side” orientation of the disc.

2. Align the pressure plate on the dowel pins and install the disc/pressure plate combination on the flywheel.

3. After the pressure plate has been tightened down, remove the multifingered retainer by turning with a hex key. A slight snapping sound of the diaphragm spring while removing the retainer is possible.

4. Remove the alignment tool and continue with the clutch installation.

Tool Part number

Kit Number
03-040, 03-042
03-041, 03-046, 03-047, 03-049