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DMF032 Dual Mass Flywheel: Audi TT, VW Beetle, Jetta 1.8T 6 Speed

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DMF032 Dual Mass Flywheel: Audi TT, VW Beetle, Jetta 1.8T 6 Speed

This may be a good time to consider doing a Solid Flywheel Conversion.  The Conversion Kit that has the same rating as the original clutch is located here.
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Part #: DMF032
Brand: Phoenix Friction Products
Weight: 29
Handling Time: 1-2 days
This is NEW OE Dual Mass Flywheel. All Dual Mass Flywheels are manufactured by OE manufacturers. The picture (when available) is of the actual product, and shows both sides. If the flywheel you are replacing is different in any way, please contact us for technical assistance.

A dual mass flywheel (DMF) absorbs vibrations from the engine through the transmission input shaft and on through the rest of the drivetrain. The DMF minimizes Gear Roll-over noise generated in manual transmissions that are mostly filled with automatic transmission fluid these days. The reason it is called a dual mass flywheel is that there are two plates joined by a bearing and dampner spring assembly that often includes a friction pack as well. The first plate mounts to the crankshaft and has the starter ring gear on it. The second plate is where the pressure plate bolts to.

This type of flywheel is not recommended with performance clutches due to it's designed torque limitation. In addition, when used in towing applications, the weight of the towed load can adversely affect the life expectancy of this type of flywheel. As such we do not warrant this flywheel when used in either heavy towing or performance applications..

These flywheels cannot be resurfaced because the resulting grinding grit will damage the internal components.

This is a direct factory replacement part and no modifications are necessary to make it fit.

Flywheel Weight (lbs)


Weighted for Externally Balanced Engine No

Solid or Dual Mass

Dual Mass


Cast Iron

Flywheel Step


Pressure Plate Bolt Circle


Pressure Plate Bolt Hole Thread Size


Dowel Pin Location

Dowel pin centered

Dowel Pin Size 0.195"

Flat or Stepped


Pressure Plate Bolt Pattern

6 Holes equally spaced

Crankshaft Center Hole Diameter


Crankshaft Mating Surface to Pressure Plate Mounting Surface


Crankshaft Bolt Circle Diameter


Number of Crankshaft Bolt Holes


Crankshaft Bolt Hole Size


Flywheel Counter Bore Diameter


Flywheel Counter Bore Depth


Ring Gear Outside Diameter


Ring Gear Inside Diameter


Number Of Teeth


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