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5 of the Coolest Diesel Burnouts

Diesel trucks are some powerful, torquey machines! Even with big ol’ truck tires, they have no trouble turning them over! Here’s a collection of some of the coolest diesel burnouts on the web.

Celebrating the Serene Country Life with Clouds of White and Black

This video is set perfectly for what you’d expect when you hear the terms “work truck” or “farm truck”. Set in rural somewhere, presumably in the United States, this diesel owner shows up how he blows off some steam…and rubber…and coal.

It’s Time for New Tires Anyways!

This Dodge owner needed a new set of tires, and decided to get the last bit of mileage out of the old ones. It seems like burning off the remaining rubber is a perfect send off for these tires. Be careful attempting burnouts on tires without any tread, if you burn down too low, you’re going to have a bad day.

Get Some Friends Together and Burn Some Rubber

This video is a pretty good use of a coffee break! Set in Ohio, these cars and trucks got together to give a send off to their friend who owns the diesel shop they’re doing their burnouts in front of. Check out the large convoy make some serious clouds as they say goodbye to an old friend.

Fishing Tailing Diesel Blows Off Some Smoke

This monster of a truck takes up the whole road as it completely roasts the tires for over a minute! When you hear someone talking about fishtailing, you’d expect the vehicle to be out of control, but that’s far from the truth here. The driver made sure to to maximize road coverage while painting it in rubber.

Diesel Burnout Contest

For five minutes of people burning out in competition, this video is one to check out. It’s oddly satisfying watching these vehicles compete (for what, who knows, hopefully new tires) with their best burnout.

Doing smokey burnouts in a truck is a fun way to let loose and show off, as long as you’re doing it legally, of course. However, be careful as you get in and out of the clutch and we’ve seen so many people bring in their destroyed stock clutch looking for a replacement after a weekend of a little too much fun!