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3 Extremely Cool Pulls by Diesel Trucks

Diesels are made for hauling and towing. They're heavy duty, full of torque, and built to pull. If you have any doubts about the hauling power of diesel trucks, check out these three extreme diesel pulls.

Dodge Diesel Pulls Extreme Logging Truck

Dodge pull 1

We’re not exactly sure what the tow rating is on this truck, but it had no problem hauling 141,100 pounds of logging truck…uphill.

Diesel Owners Are Always Happy to Lend a Hand

Dodge pull 2

When a GMC mud truck can’t quite handle the water hole, it gets bailed out by this awesome Dodge diesel truck. Proving that a diesel powered Dodge is one heck of a recovery truck!

Stuck Semi Needs Help from this Ram

Dodge pull 3

It’s a wintery nightmare: being stuck in a snowy/icy ditch in a big truck. No worries! There’s always a diesel powered Dodge Ram near by to help you out!

Tips for Towing with Your Diesel

While extreme tows probably aren’t something you’re planning for, towing smarter can help prolong the life of your diesel — so here are some basic tips to always keep in mind:

  • While none of these trucks were likely adhering to the factory-recommended towing capacities, it's OK to push the limits if you do it in very small doses (and with extreme caution).
  • Pay attention to how you load your trailer. Balance the load on the trailer's axle(s) as best you can. If you can't balance it, it's best to put the heavier items towards the front of the trailer.
  • Chock your trailer's wheels while parked, even if you're parked on flat ground. It helps make sure that your trailer doesn't move around during the loading and unloading process.
  • Believe it or not, many states (and almost all truck owner's manuals) say that you should not tow a trailer faster than 55mph. While this recommendation isn't always followed, it's something to keep in mind when you're cruising on the highway.
  • If you do a lot of towing, your OE clutch might not stand up to the abuse. Check out upgraded clutch options from Phoenix Friction here.

When a diesel owner is told they can't pull something, they simply reply with "challenge accepted!" and make jaws drop. None of these trucks had any problem stepping up to the plate.

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