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Mega Fast Dodge Diesel Race Trucks

Dodge Diesel trucks are known for churning out globs of power with a few tweaks here and there. Need proof? Check out these diesel powered Dodge trucks at the track!

Dodge Diesel vs Supra

This Dodge Diesel lines up against a turbo Supra, and makes truck owners everywhere proud! While it just narrowly missed a win, it put up a good fight!

Dodge Diesel vs Nissan GTR

The GTR is one of the most widely revered sports cars, but it has a hard time hanging with this Dodge truck! It’s hard to tell who crossed the line first, the GTR got a much stronger start off the line, but the Dodge pulls a smoking 12.20 second 1/4 mile.

1,000 Horsepower Sports Car Killer

This 10 second beast has no problem taking on competitors. It weighs a staggering 7,700lbs, but the 1,000 horsepower engine seems to have no problem making up for that!

11 Second Diesel Owns Track

With nearly 2,000 lbs-ft of torque, this truck is a serious competitor on the track. It consistently pulls 11 second passes and seems to keep up to a Corvette pretty well, it’s hard to tell through all that smoke!

Dodge Diesel vs Chevy Chevelle

Both of these vehicles are performing outside of their class with both turning out 10 second passes. At the end of the day it was a win for both vehicles as the Nova got a lower E/T and the diesel crossed the line first.

The lesson here is, never underestimate a diesel truck! While they're great for towing, hauling, and helping your friends move furniture, they can certainly hold their own on a race track.