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Comments regarding an increase in Transmission Gear Rattle after converting from a Dual Mass Flywheel to a Solid Flywheel

Some owners have reported an increase in transmission gear rattle after installing a Solid Flywheel Conversion Clutch Kit in their vehicle when the truck is in neutral and idling. This is known as Gear Roll Over. It is a rapid tapping, clicking, or rattling sound. Some owners say it sounds like marbles in a jar. It occurs in every transmission to varying degrees, no matter what type of gears are used. The rattle and vibration is caused by gears moving back and forth relative to each other. When teeth bounce off of each other, they make a rattling noise. This gear rattle occurs when the vehicle is at idle, in neutral, with the clutch pedal up.

The gear roll over noise heard will not affect transmission or drivetrain wear per the OE manufacturers, all of which sell a stock version of these kits. If you would like to reduce the level of noise, the following fixes have been offered up under several of the Diesel oriented blogs. Phoenix Friction Products offers these fixes as merely as references to what is being discussed amongst vehicle owners. We do not sell these items.

  • ·         For a Cummins 5.9L - Add a Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer – provides 80% better vibration dampening with Silicone fluid.  The 6.7L comes equipped from the factory this way.
  • ·         Add additional two quarts of ATF and remove sensor (may void manufacturer’s warranty).
  • ·         Add 24 ounces of Lucas Transmission Fix
  • ·         Replace ATF with 7.5 Quarts of High Performance Gorilla Juice Manual Transmission Fluid

These suggestions all assume that prior to the conversion the transmission was inspected by a qualified technician for excessive end-play or movement of the input shaft caused by worn bearings or the housing. Also make sure that the transmission is filled to the correct level. Less fluid will cause more noise.