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Dodge 5.9L, 6.7L Diesel Performance Parts

Net Horsepower Effect of Various Performance Upgrades

Stock Engine Specifications

Engine Torque (lb.ft.)

Horsepower (hp)


610 Lb.ft.



650 Lb.ft.



Electronic Upgrades

Engine Torque (lb.ft.)

Horsepower (hp)

Bully Dog - PMT (Performance Management Tool)


Tow = +30hp

Performance = +75hp

Extreme = +115-140hp

Bully Dog – Power Pup Downloader


Tow = +40-50hp

Performance = +75hp

Extreme = +120hp

Diablosport Predator, Trinity Programmers Stock, +60, +100, +160, +200

Edge Products – Juice with Attitude Programmer

+350 Lb.ft.


H & S Black Maxx Race Tuner


Stock, +60, +120, +175hp

H & S Black Maxx DPF Delete Kit

5.9L = Stock, +60, +120, +200hp
6.7L = Stock, +40, +80hp
H & S Performance Mini Maxx DPF Delete Race Tuner    6.7L only - +60, +120, 175hp

M.A.D.S. Smarty, Smarty Jr. Programmer

Jr. = 3 power levels from 40 - 100 hp.

Standard model = 10 power levels from 30 - 230 hp.

X2 Power Module Performance Chip



Quadzilla Adrenaline with Pulse V2

Up to 180hp at PL10


Air Intake Upgrades

Engine Torque (lb.ft.)

Horsepower (hp)

Cold Air Intake



Stage 1 Cold Air Intake

+35 lb.ft.


Stage 2 Cold Air Intake

+100 lb.ft.


Bully Dog Rapid Flow Cold Air Induction (Low restriction air filters)

+30-40 lb.ft.



Fuel/Air Delivery Upgrades

Engine Torque (lb.ft.)

Horsepower (hp)

aFe BladeRunner Turbocharger

+206 lb.ft.


Bully Dog Torque Plates



Stage 3 = +80hp

Stage 4 = +100hp

Electric Super Charger



Various Performance Turbo Kits



Performance Injector Kits – 2003 – 2007 Dodge 5.9L


+50, +80hp

Performance Injector Kits – 1998 – 2007 Dodge 5.9L 24v ISB


+40, +50, +75, +100, +125, +150, +200hp


Exhaust Sytem Upgrades

Engine Torque (lb.ft.)

Horsepower (hp)

Banks GIT Kit – Wastegate Actuators

+120 lb.ft.


4” Pipe - For engines up to 450hp:



5” Pipe - For engines up to 450-550hp



6” Pipe - For engines up to 550hp or more:



If you would like us to add a performance part upgrade that is not listed here, please contact us and we'll be glad to add it on.