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Popular 10½" Ford Mustang Clutch Kits Now Posted on Website

We now have the 10½" clutch kit used in Ford Mustangs with the 4.6L engine from 1996 to 2001, and the 5.0L engine from 1986 to 1994 up on our website. This is a very popular series for us and with all the Stage kits we have, you're sure to find one that matches your needs perfectly. Each part shows the recommended maximum engine torque capacity and resulting horsepower rating. We then list all the other versions so that you know what is available.

The clutch kit shown in the photo is an 07-042.3C Stage 3 Ceramic button clutch kit that handles 390 lb.ft. of Engine Torque and 390 horsepower. It features a same as OE pedal pressure cover with a heavy duty dampened clutch disc with larger sized ceramic buttons for a much smoother engagement characteristic.

Here is a list of the options we are currently offering:

07-042               Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 265 lb.ft., 265HP
07-042.2            Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 360 lb.ft., 360HP
07-042.2DF       Dual Friction, Engine Torque Capacity = 340 lb.ft., 340HP
07-042.2K         Kevlar, Engine Torque Capacity = 325 lb.ft., 325HP
07-042.2L          Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 305 lb.ft., 305HP
07-042.3C        Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 390 lb.ft., 390HP
07-042.4            Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 480 lb.ft., 480HP
07-042.4C         Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 530 lb.ft., 530HP
07-042.4K         Kevlar, Engine Torque Capacity = 440 lb.ft., 440HP
07-042.5C         Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 705 lb.ft., 705HP
07-042.5K         Kevlar, Engine Torque Capacity = 585 lb.ft., 585HP

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