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Phoenix Friction Limited Warranty

Phoenix Friction Clutches

Each New Automotive CLUTCH KIT (referred to as a "Kit") and each Upgrade CLUTCH KIT is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and service. Each OE replacement Kit is warranted for twelve (12) months or twelve thousand (12,000) miles (whichever occurs first) from the date of installation.

Exedy Stage 1 & 2 Racing clutches and Flywheels are warranted for 60 days from purchase due to the intended use and nature of these products.

Each master cylinder, slave cylinder, flywheel, cable and fork (referred to as "Component") is warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of installation.

All Products and Components subjected to "Racing" conditions regardless of surface (dirt, asphalt, etc.) are not covered under warranty. This warranty is made upon the condition that at the time of installation the pressure plate assembly, disc assembly, release bearing, and pilot bearing/bushing are properly replaced, and the flywheel is properly resurfaced or replaced.

All Clutch Products and Components used in applications where an engine or transmission swap is done are not covered by this warranty.

There shall be no obligation under this limited warranty unless the Kit or Upgrade Kit is returned with all original components (including pressure plate assembly, disc assembly, release bearing, and pilot bearing/bushing).

This limited warranty does not apply to products that have been improperly maintained or repaired, nor to products that have been altered, misused, or damaged by accident or negligence. 


  • Normal wear is not covered by warranty.
  • Clutches contaminated by oil and grease are not eligible for warranty replacement or labor.
  • This part is intended for normal use only, and does not include use by commercial vehicles or vehicles used for racing (except as noted above) or snowplowing.




PHOENIX FRICTION PRODUCTS reserves the right to examine all parts returned to it for warranty claims to determine whether or not any such part has failed because of a defect in material or workmanship. PHOENIX FRICTION PRODUCTS under this warranty shall be limited to repairing, replacing or crediting, at its option, any part found to be so defective.

Regardless of whether any part is repaired, replaced or credited under this limited warranty, transportation charges for the return of such part must be prepaid by the customer.

Phoenix Friction Brakes

Phoenix Friction Products warrants to the original buyer that all brake products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. OE Replacement brake parts are warranted for twelve (12) months or twelve thousand (12,000) miles (whichever occurs first) from the date of installation.

This warranty does not cover failure or malfunctions resulting from use for high performance or racing purposes, accidents, improper application or installation, modification, alteration, improper servicing, tampering, normal wear and tear or abuse.

If you install a part and it doesn’t work properly or doesn’t last as long as it should, please contact our technical hotline at 877-570-5630 for support and further guidance. Phoenix Friction Products reserves the right to inspect any products in question and to make a judgment on the warranty claim. Product returned for a warranty claim must be returned, accompanied by the original receipt. All return shipping costs shall be paid by buyer.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Parts having uneven pad wear due to worn calipers, worn rotors, or worn drums.
  2. Parts that have oil or grease contamination. Parts showing signs of improper installation.
  3. The right to inspect a Product and/or sub component to determine if it has failed because of a defect in workmanship or materials is expressly reserved.

No other warranties, guaranties, or representations of any type, either express or implied are made, and all warranties (including any implied warranties of reasonable care, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed. This warranty does not cover labor charges. All incidental or consequential damages, from any cause whatsoever, and any such liability, are disclaimed. The sole remedy for any claimant under this warranty shall be the repair, replacement, or credit for the Product as determined to be defective by the authorized warranty inspector (and in the sole and final discretion of the authorized warranty inspector). Any liability for damage arising out of or related to a Product, the purchase of a Product, or the installation of a Product (whether for breach of contract, tort (including, without limitation, any negligence or strict liability), or any other claim or cause of action), is limited to the repair, replacement, or credit of the Product (in the sole discretion of the authorized warranty inspector). The liability limitations contained in this warranty shall inure to the benefit of all sellers, retailers, distributors, suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers of the Product and sub-components.

RunCool Rotors Limited Warranty

RunCool Rotors come with a lifetime warranty against cracking or warping!

We are one of only a few companies that offer a lifetime warranty against cracking or warping with our Drilled and Slotted Rotor line. If the rotors crack or warp, we will replace them free of charge - you simply pay the shipping. The claim processes can take up to 10 business days upon the return of the rotors to Phoenix. Shipping costs to and from Phoenix's location are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us to obtain a Return Authorization Number prior to sending the rotors for inspection. A warranty claim for warping or cracking must be accompanied by the original receipt and is not transferable if the vehicle is sold. Keep a copy of the receipt for yourself. Upon approval of the warranty claim, we will contact you for payment of the shipping charge. If you need to contact us, call us at 877-570-5630.

Drilled & Slotted Rotor Noise:

Drilled and/or Slotted Rotors can have a very noticeable thumping/clicking noise (like cards on a bicycle wheel) when the brakes are applied. Do not be alarmed! This is normal and is simply the nature of Drilled/Slotted rotors. Our our own employees use Royalty Rotors for their vehicles and their experience is that the noise does subside considerably within the first 500 miles of driving after the Zinc Plating has worn from the friction surface and the pads have seated with the rotors, but may not go away completely. Rotor noise due to drilling or slotting is not covered by warranty. At no time should the brakes squeak. This would be indicative of an inferior brake pad.

What is Bed-In?

For optimal use of any given brake system, the pads and rotor have to be compatible with each other. The bed-in procedure establishes that compatibility between the pad and rotor. This is achieved by a combination of rubbing speed, temperature, line pressure, and inertia. Bed-in is also influenced by pad and rotor material compositions. It is always recommended that only compatible pads and rotors be used in any given application. Phoenix Friction brake pads are specifically chosen to compliment our RunCool line of Street Performance Rotors, maximizing braking capability and longevity.

Basic Bed-In Procedure

  1. After installing new disc rotors & brake pads, perform 8 to 10 slow-downs applying moderate pressure from approximately 40-50 mph without coming to a stop.
  2. Make an additional 2 to 3 slow-downs applying heavy pressure from approximately 50-60 mph without coming to a stop.
  4. Allow at least 15 minutes for brake system to cool down.

After step 4 your new disc rotors &/or pads are ready for normal use. Be aware that the full bedding in process can take up to 300 - 500 miles depending on driving style. During this period try and avoid any high speed hard braking to a dead stop.

Bedding-In Advantages:

  1. Gradually heat treats the rotor and eliminates any thermal shock in the rotor.
  2. Burn off volatiles and moisture from the resin that is near pad surface. This will eliminate "green fade."
  3. Establish a layer of transfer film from the pad friction about a few microns thick on the rotor surface. Shearing of the film during friction is an effective source of friction force. Otherwise, when using a freshly ground rotor without the transfer film, the main friction force would come from cutting, plowing, or scoring the asperities on the rotor surface. This leads to inconsistent braking effectiveness.
  4. Mate the two surfaces to a near perfect geometrical match, so that the contact area is high, and therefore the friction force is increased.
  5. The performance of a fresh rotor/fresh pad system would be inconsistent. This is due to ever-changing structures and properties of the two mating materials. Bed-in of pads and rotor will form a stable transfer film.
  6. If bedding in procedure is not applied, a stable transfer film may not be established for a long time. In other words, the rotor surface would have to be constantly regenerating a film that is not quite stable for a long time. This effect would reduce the performance and increase the wear.