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05-092.3C Stage 3 Ceramic Clutch Kit: Dodge 5.9L Diesel, 8.0L Gas Ram 2500, 3500, NV4500HD, 5 Speed - 12¼"

The company reserves the right to substitute components of equal quality from time to time to continue to make the part available for purchase.

05-092.3C Stage 3 Ceramic Clutch Kit: Dodge 5.9L Diesel, 8.0L Gas Ram 2500, 3500 - 12¼ in.

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Price: $380.99
Part #: 05-092.3C
Brand: Phoenix Friction Products
Weight: 44
Return Policy: Standard Return Policy
Mfgr. Warranty: Limited Warranty
This is a Phoenix Friction Stage 3 Street Performance Clutch Kit. The kit features a Phoenix Friction Heavy Duty clutch disc with High Torque Dampeners mated to a Thrust Stop Hub and featuring High-Heat Ceramic buttons. It will provide up to a 60% increase over the stock engine torque capacity. At the same time, you will not notice any increase in pedal effort over the stock clutch and offers chatter-resistant lift-off for a great daily ride. Ceramic button discs will give you the fastest shifts due to their low radial mass which reduces their overall flywheel effect and works with all flywheels, including lightweight steel and aluminum. You can expect 200% the life over original equipment woven organic linings from Ceramic buttons under normal driving conditions. These buttons will absorb the most energy of all the friction materials and is the material of choice for the highest torque applications. A GREAT value performance clutch kit that enables quick vehicle launch.

A Phoenix Stage 3 Street Performance product is a direct factory fit and requires no modifications for installation. This is a complete clutch kit and includes all necessary components when replacing your clutch.

  1. We use only quality clutch components that are engineered to function as a matched set and work the way they should with the rest of the driveline components
  2. Our kits contain all new components
  3. They have been designed to be a direct replacement for the original equipment components used when the vehicle is new
  4. All the components we use are manufactured and tested to the Original Equipment specifications of the major automobile manufacturers
  5. We warrant that all products are free from defects in workmanship and materials
  6. Expert toll-free technical assistance is available

Other available clutch kits for this vehicle:

05-092          Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 555 lb.ft., 305HP (Same as OE)
05-092.2       Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 700 lb.ft., 390HP
05-092.2K     Kevlar, Engine Torque Capacity = 720 lb.ft., 400HP
05-092.3       Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 780 lb.ft., 435HP
05-092.3K     Kevlar, Engine Torque Capacity = 805 lb.ft., 445HP
05-092.4       Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 900 lb.ft., 500HP
05-092.4C     Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 905 lb.ft., 500HP
05-092.5C     Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 1010 lb.ft., 560HP
05-092.6C     Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 1160 lb.ft., 650HP

05-092iF        Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 555 lb.ft., 305HP (Same as OE) (includes flywheel)
05-092iF.3C   Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 870 lb.ft., 480HP (includes flywheel)
05-092iF.4C   Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 905 lb.ft., 500HP (includes flywheel)
05-092iF.5C   Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 1010 lb.ft., 560HP (includes flywheel)
05-092iF.6C   Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 1160 lb.ft., 650HP (includes flywheel)

A 13" clutch upgrade is available for this vehicle that requires a flywheel change as well:

05-501CK       Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 675 lb.ft., 375HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.2    Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 765 lb.ft., 425HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.3    Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 855 lb.ft., 470HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.3C  Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 850 lb.ft., 470HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.4    Organic, Engine Torque Capacity = 985 lb.ft., 545HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.4C  Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 965 lb.ft., 535HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.5C  Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 1080 lb.ft., 600HP (includes flywheel)
05-501CK.6C  Ceramic, Engine Torque Capacity = 1250 lb.ft., 700HP (includes flywheel)

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Use with the New Venture NV4500HD 5 Speed Transmission

Clutch Specifications:
Friction Material:
Disc Size:
Disc Type:
Release Type:
Ceramic Button
12-1/4" x 10T x 1-1/4"
Kit Includes: Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool
Engine Torque = 870 lb-ft., 480HP
Bolt Tightening Specs:

Pressure Plate Mounting Bolts: 5/16" bolts = 22.5 lb.ft.
Flywheel to Crank Mounting Bolts: 70 lb.ft.